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Hello, and thanks for visiting. I have penned a short bio which is never easy, but it gives a little background to who I am.

I started my working life pursuing entrepreneurial goals and setting up a variety of commercial ventures. From my earliest days, I discovered a love for language, finding an outlet in copywriting for business, and developing marketing communication techniques. Writing books is fulfilling a lifelong ambition which has become a passion and a creative labour of love. I am drawn to fiction set against a background of real life events, both historical and political, with the aim of achieving unusual twists in the outcome.

With a house in a small rural village in North Wales much of my spare time is spent exploring the countryside, visiting historical buildings, or travelling. Other interests include politics, history, and current affairs. I have also enjoyed a life on the water sailing and cruising both inland waterways and offshore.

I am now writing with a serious commitment, and developing a number of ideas for new novels. As an author, I hope that readers find my books both compelling and enjoyable; it is a privilege to share my work with you.

Christopher J.H. Kerr


Christopher’s debut novel, ‘The Covenant’ was published in 2021. This tells an epic story, spanning half a century of political and historical turmoil, of a promise given in love, and tested by life. Is success worthy of the price it exacts?

He followed this up with ‘The Barbarossa Secret’, in 2022; an explosive book which reveals a family’s involvement in a staggering cover-up from WW2 with astounding implications, implicating governments, institutions, and even royalty.

Christopher's latest novel, ‘Fission’, is being published in mid-2023. This is an incredible story of a dangerous race to obtain the ultimate deterrent, from its origins in Nazi Germany to a dramatic modern-day plot threatening global peace.

He is currently working on his next novel, ‘Bullion’, which he hopes to complete by mid 2024. This exposes extraordinary revelations regarding the largest bank robbery in history, which took place at the Reichsbank, Berlin, in April 1945, with staggering links to international money laundering.

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